The letter X is the biggest poser in the alphabet. Sorry to have to call you out like this, X, but someone needed to say it.

Why am I being so harsh, you ask? Because, X, you don’t have your own unique sound! You just waltz around, casually stealing other letters’ pronunciations. Not to be dramatic, but you might as well just steal their souls while you’re at it.

Let me make this as clear as possible for you, X. Try to follow along closely so you can grasp why I’m so pissed @ you.

In some words, you take on the sound of the letter combination “cks,” like in my last name for example: Wixon. Why wasn’t that just spelled with a “cks”? It makes no sense. No one that speaks fluent English knows how to spell it! Why? BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T HAVE AN X IN IT!

And let me give you more evidence of X continuing to take on other letters’ identities: the word example! In words like this, X sounds like “eggs,” and again, I continue to wonder why the letter X even exists (or should I say, eGGSists)!

And don’t even get me started on the words where X takes on the identity of Z, like Xylophone and Xerophtye (I recently learned this means a plant that doesn’t need lots of water, like a succulent for eGGSample). I mean, at least in the other pronunciations of X, it takes on letter combinations, but in these words X might as well just shapeshift into a Z because that’s all it is!

The only word I can think of where X sounds like X is X-ray, but even then, the letter X by itself sounds like “ehcks.”

Please, help me raise awareness of the tomfoolery that the letter X has been playing on all of us by refusing to ever spell anything with this treacherous letter again.


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