Rain Brings Rainbows

Horrible, god-awful things grace all of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re Jane Doe or Kylie Jenner, you’re still bound to have a shit day here and there. Whether it’s a nasty break-up, a tragic car accident, or an unexpected glass of Diet Pepsi when you clearly asked for a Diet Coke, life takes craps on the best of us. And while sometimes we may wish for a life free of pain, we actually need to experience pain to be happy.

Painful, dreadful, stomach-knotting situations are not fun, and obviously no one enjoys them (unless, of course, you’re a psychopath). However, by dealing with our individual uncomfortabilities, we allow for the fantastic moments to actually feel fantastic. Because if nothing sucked, and everything was great 100% of the time, we would never be able to appreciate the sensation of absolute joy. If everything was easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy all the time, nothing would bring us any heightened sense of emotion. Everything would be a constant flat-line, if it was all the same. Think about it. We would have nothing to draw a comparison to.

Though the phrase is utterly cliche, we really do need it to rain to truly celebrate the beauty of a rainbow. We need the car accidents to appreciate when our vehicles are driving smoothly (or to appreciate how precious our lives are). We need to have dated someone that totally blows (no pun intended) to realize how great our current significant other is. And we need to drink that dreaded glass of lukewarm and overly bubbly Diet Pepsi to be able to properly enjoy a yummy, ice-cold glass of Diet Coke. We need these horrible things to happen to us to be thankful for the blessings that fall into our laps on a regular basis.

This morning, my phone dropped down the side of my car seat and PART OF THE SCREEN BROKE. I was so close to letting it get to me, but I realized that this moment or something similar had to happen for me to value how smoothly my life runs on a regular basis. The next time something incredibly frustrating (or sad or scary or anything causing an unfavorable reaction) happens to you, instead of reacting and allowing it to dictate your mood for the rest of the day, perhaps you can chuckle instead, and remember that the moment had to happen for you to appreciate the majority of the time that you’re killin’ it!


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