29 Things I Love About You

Dear Zach,

Happy birthday! In honor of your 29th birthday, I curated a list of 29 things that I think make you the most special person in the world! Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Your ability to make me giggle (even/especially when I’m upset about something).

2.  Your creativity and overall many artistic talents.

3. Your conversation skills, and how you can make anyone feel important when they’re talking to you.

4. Your silly nature. I love how you’re never afraid to be goofy.

5. Your soft, loving side. I love watching you take care of our animals because of how gentle and sweet you are with them.

6. In contrast, your ability to defend yourself when necessary. You don’t let other people push you around, and I admire that.

7. Your ability to be transparent and straightforward with people, even when some things can be uncomfortable to say.

8. Your humility. You never brag or boast about your many talents, though you are incredibly talented in a number of ways.

9. Your confidence that never borders cockiness.

10. How adventurous and spontaneous you are, and how you will never turn down a day of exploration.

11. How you aren’t afraid to try anything, whether it’s weird vegan stuff I cook or cliff diving.

12. How you *refuse* to use the restroom with the door closed. This is hilarious to me, even if it grosses me out sometimes.

13. Your ability to recognize and accept your faults.

14. How patient you are when teaching me things, whether it’s explaining how to ride toeside or helping me paddle out into (what I think are big) waves in the ocean.

15. Your money saving skills. I wish I was as good at saving money as you are.

16. Your eclectic music taste. I love that you’re willing to listen to just about every genre and can appreciate them all equally.

17. Your work ethic. I have never met someone under 30 that works as hard as you do.

18. How you can also play as hard as you work. This makes you a very fun person to be around, because you’re the life of a party.

19. Your natural energy! I am so jealous that you don’t require coffee to get your mornings started.

20. How athletic you are. You always impress me with all of the athletic feats you pull off (landing a 720 on accident, anyone?).

21.  How honest you are with me when I ask for your opinion. You don’t sugarcoat things. If an outfit looks bad, you’ll tell me.

22. Your ability to be patient with me despite my forgetfulness (like forgetting tickets to concerts or losing my phone in your car door).

23. How supportive you are. You push me to be the best version of myself and you support all of my dreams.

24. How much you love ice cream (more than Joe Biden? Idk, debatable).

25. How you are the designated tick and spider killer. Thanks!

26. The very heated rants you lead on subjects you’re passionate about (i.e., tinted windows).

27. How you trusted me when I said we needed a cat, despite never having owned a cat in your life and, quite frankly, hating them prior.

28. How you admit when you’re grumpy or hangry.

29. How you feel like you can never have too many sporks.

I LOVE YOU! I hope the last year of your 20’s is the most memorable yet. Xoxo.


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