Mind, Body, and Soul

Your brain has been with you since day one. It has carried you through all sorts of memories, journeyed with you through beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) experiences, and allowed you to develop rapidly in a relatively short amount of time. The mind that you were born with is the same one that you will die with. Your unique mind deserves a plethora of both attention and respect. 

My heart aches for the inordinate number of Instagram accounts featuring girls’ bodies as a main attraction. Of course these accounts receive a ton of attention, mostly from creeps, but also from insecure young girls, pressured by society’s standards of beauty, that are dying to be just like the beautiful ladies they see in these pictures. Often times, these attractive women will label themselves as feminists, or will attach captions along the lines of, “My body, my choice” Or “Nudity empowers some, modesty empowers others.” I tend to agree with this philosophy, and feel that it is one’s own right to decide how much or how little of their body should be revealed to the world. However, I do find it problematic when women only show their bodies and neglect to give attention to the other aspects of their being that vastly contribute to their makeup. 

Our physical attributes are not what give us our worth. Our bodies are mere vessels for the real “us” to reside in. It is easy to post a picture of your body on Instagram, especially if you’re “fit,” according to society’s standards. A few quick button taps, and you’re on your way to a momentary self-esteem boost via likes. However, the real challenge is in revealing our vulnerabilities. What we’re made up of on the inside, what swims through our minds day in and day out, is what truly separates us from others. Our stories and poems, our God-given talents, our lived experiences, our values, and our relationships are what make us, us. 

Let us see what makes you tick. Reveal not only your underboob, but also your truest self with the world, for you’ll never have another chance to be the real you. There is nothing wrong with showing off your body, but there is something wrong with never showing off your mind and soul. 


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